A3: Memory and the Politics of History Using the Example of Historical Conflicts (Workshop)

Dr. Félix Krawatzek (ZOiS)

Workshop description

Historical narratives are among the most important resource for the formation of collective identities. How a group – a family, a region or a nation – tells its own story contributes to shaping that group’s self-perceptions and plays a part in determining which political and social actions are considers appropriate. Authority figures in politics and society therefore have an interest in conveying images of history that prompt support for the chosen political course. Historical narratives and the way they are conveyed, might change drastically during conflictual situations. During an academic workshop, such moments of crisis are analysed to identify trends in post-Soviet (collective) memories and politics of history.


  • Academic Workshop
  • Scheduled 6/2023
  • ZOiS/Berlin

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