B3: ‘Living together – living with difference’ – Everyday Diplomacy in Transregional Contexts (Workshop)

PD Dr. Tsypylma Darieva & Dr. Piotr Goldstein (ZOiS)

Workshop description

In the foreground of this workshop is the question of cooperation and peace practices “from below” in post-war and conflict regions in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, those social, cultural practices and materiality that support everyday diplomacy in ethnically and religiously mixed spaces. The question how the ‘living together-living with difference’ emerges in grass roots initiatives and on the level of civic engagement (NGO) and how they are mobilized? Under what conditions can temporary concepts and forms of solidarity function sustainably? The workshop asks specifically for conflict avoidance strategies, alternative communication channels, cultures of hospitality and peacemaking technologies of coexistence.


  • Workshop
  • Scheduled: 2024
  • ZOiS/ Berlin

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