C5: From Centralized Energy Supply to Decentralized Sustainability (Workshop)

Dr. Sabine von Löwis, Dr. Kerstin Bischl, Dr. Beril Ocaklı (ZOiS), Martin Welp (HNEE)

Workshop description

Despite the disintegration of the Soviet Union, infrastructure networks of gas pipelines or electricity networks continue to exist and create dependencies amongst now independent states, and with Russia. These infrastructural interdependencies bear potential for conflict but also for cooperation, as most recently exemplified by Russia’s war in Ukraine. Countries in Eastern Europe and in post-Soviet space refrain from sanctions against Russia because of their dependencies on Russian gas. These countries thus develop different strategies to overcome energy dependencies. In this workshop, we address infrastructural interdependencies as well as strategies chosen und developed by the affected countries for countering their dependencies.


  • Workshop
  • Virtual
  • Scheduled 2/2024

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